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Injection Moulding

B M Injection Moulders and Toolmakers offer a 24 hour around the clock custom moulding & insert injection moulding manufacturing service from our modern moulding facility. B M Injection offers extensive custom and insert moulding capabilities, consisting of twenty machines, 12 to 150 tonnes, the majority of which, incorporate either digital or microprocessor control.

Injection Moulding Shop Capacity
16 thermoplastic injection moulding machines 12t to 250t capacity. 6 machines equipped with pick and place robot facilities
4 thermoset capable injection moulding machines 22t to 100t capacity.
Automatic second op thermoset deflashing equipment
Ultrasonic welder
Various auxiliary equipment to supplement moulding processes

We specialise in achieving improved efficiency together with higher quality but not with cost penalties. In fact by utilising insert moulding, over-moulding, special material processing and (or) our full range of assembly and decorating moulding services our customers often achieve a lower cost final product.

Comprehensive insert moulding service worldwide.

Insert Moulding

Extensive thermo-sets manufacturing facility.


Thermoplastic moulding for a wide range of applications.



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