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Our Philosophy

The current scope of Company Registration is “The Manufacture of Injected Moulded and Assembled Parts. The company also has full capability in tool design and tooling manufacture and follows the principals of the ISO standards but is not accredited to the ISO standard.

Injection moulded parts are measured on our state of the art vision system 3d optical measuring machine

It is the objective of BM Injection to provide products that are of a quality, which meets the requirements of our customers and fulfils their quality expectations and needs, to achieve their satisfaction and trust.

The purpose of this policy statement is to establish the Company’s obligation to the continued operation of the Quality Management System, which requires the commitment and participation of all employees.

The Quality Management System documented in this Quality Management Manual is designed to comply with the requirements of ISO9001 Quality Management Systems -Requirements.

The Company uses generic Quality Plans for the majority of its operation and may use individual Quality Plans for specific contracts. Company procedures have been developed, and are contained in the Quality Systems Manual, to define actions taken within the Company to achieve customer satisfaction and prevent delivery of unacceptable product. These procedures additionally identify the methods used within the Company to measure its own performance and its reaction to good and bad performance. Quality Objectives are established from the results of Audit and Review.

This statement represents the commitment of the General Manager and staff of BM Injection to the Quality Policy.

Adherence to this policy involves all aspects of the company’s business and its employees.

The Quality Management System is reviewed by dint of planned regular audits and formal reviews so that changes may be made as necessary, to ensure that continual improvement to the system and its operation is considered and the effects of changes are measured for effectiveness.



Dedicated quality management systems are applied throughout the company utilising SPC and 3D coordinate measuring as appropriate. Full conformity and traceabilty is assured with our systems of documentation meeting the stringent standards for ISO9001 for which we have approval.


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