Innovative Solutions for Plastic Components & Parts

From concept & support, tooling & machining through to full prototype to production of quality manufactured products and assemblies


For more than 30 years we have been helping professional buyers and companies meet their objectives by specialising in the injection moulding of thermoplastic materials for diverse markets.  Our team has built up a wealth of knowledge in manufacturing standard and technically challenging thermoplastic moulded parts for specific application requirements and in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours.

Thermoplastic materials can be more cost effective as they can be processed at a faster cycle time than thermoset parts. Other benefits include greater:

Design flexibility
Recycling options
Lightweight advantages
High impact & performance benefits

 Injection Moulding of Components       DSC09725

The BM Injection team can help throughout all aspects of moulded part production, from the design stage, right throughout to the final packaged product and delivery. Our modern facilities include a dedicated tool room facility, along with assembly, finishing and testing of quality manufactured thermoplastic products.


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